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Farmington community briefs, Nov. 1

Total Care Cleaners to have food drive
In an effort to address the statistic that one in 10 Minnesota families struggle to put enough food on the table, Total Care Cleaners of Rosemount and Farmington will be having a food drive during November to benefit 360 Communities.

For every $10 worth of non-perishable food donated, people will receive $40 of free dry cleaning and laundry services coupons that can be used on anything except for leathers and rugs. Coupons must be presented with incoming orders and are not valid with other offers or discounts.

Donations can be dropped off at either location, or people can schedule a free pickup at a residence or office by opening an account at www.totalcarecleaners.com.

Total Care Cleaners are located at 949 Eighth St., Farmington, and 15084 Chippendale Ave., Rosemount.



Reprinted from http://www.thisweeklive.com

Total Care offers prom dress exchange; Free suit cleaning for unemployed

Thursday, 02 April 2009  

Total Care Cleaners of Rosemount and Farmington has organized the Donate A Prom Dress program and will dry clean suits for free for unemployed people going out for an interview. 

The business is offering a $20 credit for future dry cleaning or laundry services for participating in Donate A Prom Dress.

“Anyone wishing to donate a dress can bring it to one of our stores or send it with a pick-up and delivery order,” said Yury Slutsky, owner of Total Care Cleaners in Farmington and Rosemount.   

The dresses will be cleaned, pressed and sold to Farmington , Rosemount, Lakeville, Apple Valley , Burnsville and Eagan students for $15.

Students can pre-qualify with a referral from a school guidance counselor or teacher and appointments can be made to try on the dresses at the Rosemount store where the dresses are stored.

After the dance a dress can be returned to Total Care Cleaners for someone else to use. Dresses must be less than four years old, be in good shape and preferably made of dry clean fabrics.

Schools and organizations interested in participating may call (651) 460-3340 in Farmington or (651) 423-3358 in Rosemount.

Job interviews

Total Care is offering free suit dry cleaning for anyone who is unemployed and looking for job.

“We will dry clean a suit, shirt and tie for somebody who has lost a job and needs to go on an interview,” Slutsky said.

Cleaners takes wrinkles out of slowing industry 
Posted: 2/22/08

by Kara Hildreth
Thisweek Newspapers

One Farmington business owner has many loyal clients he has never personally met. 

But Yuri Slutsky might recognize one of his well-dressed customers who proudly wear a neatly-pressed business suit, starched shirt or professional-pleated trousers done up at one of his two Total Care Cleaners in Farmington and Rosemount.

Even though many small businesses across the state are showing no growth as the national forecast shows an economy slipping into an economic recession, Slutsky said his dry cleaning business is great.

“We are one of the few dry cleaners who are not only showing growth, but double-digit growth over the last year,” Slutsky said. 

The customer growth is definitely linked to the presence on the Web and from the popular Web site links and search engines.

Online service 

The business offers a no-hassle pickup and delivery service that can be accessed online and does not involve a phone call or stop on the way home from work.

The updated and redesigned business Web site is http://www.totalcarecleaners.com. Clients can take part in a new rewards program where they can accumulate frequent flyer miles just by being a customer. 

Since the demand for professional laundry and dry cleaning services has been on the decline, Slutsky said he knew he must take action to expand his business services.

Total Care Cleaners has expanded its range of delivery to 15 cities that are considered south of the river and beyond to northern suburbs like Edina, Bloomington and Eden Prairie. 

When he became the owner in 2000, Slutsky said he was hopeful that more residential and commercial development would come to the south side of Farmington.

The plant is located in Farmington off Highway 3 at 949 Eighth St., and a drop off and pick up store is housed in Rosemount at 15076 Chippendale Ave., just off Highway 42. 

“We were losing good customers who were moving out of Farmington,” Slutsky said. One prominent building company relocated to an area suburb and this was a hard hit. 

So that is when he decided to add a delivery service and expand the business’ customer base with a Web site.

For years Slutsky has made a home in Eagan with his wife, Irina, who works in a St. Paul salon and his two daughters who are both college students.

Moving his family to the United States in June 1989 from Ukraine, Slutsky said he worked for years as a software engineer and computer programmer and then a commodities broker for the Minneapolis Grain Exchange.

“It was a beautiful company and a nice job, but when they closed the project, there were a lot of programmers looking for a job,” he said.

A friend suggested dry cleaning as a good business and the rest is said to be pressed into history.

Growing business 

Choosing a new approach to expanding his small business, this owner embraced the idea of creative thinking.

“First of all, you cannot hold on to old approaches to business. Nothing is working the same. You have to think outside the box.”

“More and more people use the Internet for all their services,” Slutsky said, comparing his business to grocery delivery and other supplies for home and office. 

The convenience of free delivery and pickup is a big draw for busy professionals who find themselves short on time. 

With the cost of operating a dry cleaning business up by 100 percent from a few years ago, Slutsky said he needed to make changes.

“I am hopeful of more growth. Running a business is an enormous commitment with lots of hours,” Slutsky said.

Seeing how dry cleaners across the state and country were not showing a profit, Slutsky said he knew failure was not an option.

“I put in a lot of hours because I am not used to losing. I have always been a winner,” he said.

About 10 staff members have been loyal employees for three years or more. The plant manager in Farmington is Elaine Habiger. The assistant manager in Rosemount is Daryla Baker.

Dress for success

Today many men and women may chose not to use a dry cleaning service for business apparel or shirts because of the cost, but Slutsky said they should reconsider.

The professional look of pressed clothes and starched shirts cannot be obtained at home in the same level because a dry cleaner uses heavy machines and staff treat each garment with care and attention.

“It is my feeling that when I wear something that is nice and pressed, I have this feeling of freshness,” Slutsky said. 

Wearing professional-looking clothes each day can translate into giving off more personal and professional confidence, and it always makes a good first impression when meeting with clients and colleagues throughout the day.

Kara Hildreth is at farmington.thisweek@ecm-inc.com.

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