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I was very happy with your service. Thanks. Stanley Ryan 10/01/2013
Dear Yury,
I am very happy with your service and recommend your business to many people. You and your staff go above and beyond to get out stains, repair, and do an excellent job on all the items I have sent in for cleaning. I do not have many items that are dry clean only, but always send what I have to you.
Thank you for your fine service. Cathy Poquette. 09/23/2013

I was surprised to find an article about our company. Please check this link


HI Yury,
Your service has always been exceptional! I always recommend you to my friends and will continue to use your service. I haven't been able to use your service because we recently moved! We now live about 2.5 hours away from our previous address in Wisconsin. I have figured out a way to still use your service finally! A friend of mine that lives close to my previous address will be the drop off and pick up now for my laundering service. I see her every other week so it will work out good to give her my laundry and pick it up. She is a GOOD friend!! I will take you up on your 30% offer and thank you because money is tight right now after our move. I have a comforter that you cleaned for me once before. Its not really dirty but just after I had it cleaned my sister-in-laws dog got sick and threw up on it. I was so bummed! I would like to get it cleaned again. How much would it cost with the 30% off? it is a size king. It does not have feathers, it is just a soft comforter.
Thanks for your nice e-mail. This is just another way your company is different than others, You really care :-)
Sincerely, Roxy. 09-15-2012 
Hi Yury – service was great so no issues there. Reason is that I am leaving my corporate “suit wearing” gig and will no longer be wearing clothes that need to be dry cleaned.
Thanks for the excellent service!
Randy Stenger 07-09-12
Hello Yury,
I love your service ad I have no problem how you have handled my dry cleaning.
Currently my job is overseas and all my dry-cleaning is done there.
I will use your services as soon I need them in the local area.
Best Regards, Bjorn Knudsen 03-03-2012

Your service and the quality of your work has always been quite satisfactory.   My issue is an economic one.  I have to make some changes in my budget and reduce the cost of having my shirts done.  I pay $1.29 per shirt as opposed to what you charged.
Thomas Lenzmeier. 02-29-2012

We are very satisfied with your service and cleaning. The clothing items always look fantastic and the delivery service is prompt and such a treat!
Thanks!Stacey Preator 12-06-11
You guys do a great job. Thanks! 
Nate Cardin-Director of Golf. 11/04/2011
Wanted to first send a great big THANK YOU for our first order. 
You made the process seamless, and we cannot believe how wonderful 
our clothing turned out. Plus – you are fast!! You guys have definitely 
earned our business and we can’t wait to work with you in the future – thanks again! 
Again, thank you SO much for the wonderful, fast service – I’m so happy we found you guys!!!! 
Kristen Mathis 06-20-2011
Dear Yury,
Thank you so much for contacting me regarding the lack of orders from us. 
The answer is really very simple....my husband retired in February and consequently, 
we have had little occasion to call you. 

The service you provided to us was absolutely the best dry cleaning and laundering 
of shirts that we have ever had!! We could count on the timliness of your pick-ups and deliveries...always!

So, thank you for the discount offer....we may possibly have an opportunity to use it, 
and will definitely contact you for any future laundry and dry cleaning we may have.

We still are honored to consider ourselves one of your best customers, and would 
unconditionally refer our friends to you. 
Sincerely, Karen Shumaker 03-24-2011
I have been very happy with your service. Thank you for the discount. I will take advantage of that.
Kord Williams. 03-24-2011

You guys are awesome. I will continue to use you. I am afraid I have bought too many clothes and have not 
gone through them lately to send them in. I usually send you quite a large load. 
If I get some time, I will go through and see what I've got. The season is changing and I will have to clean alot of winter clothes to store them for the wonderful weather spring will bring.

Thanks for the thoughts. Wendy Miletich 03-22-2011
Dear Yury,
Thank you so much for your email. We are very pleased with your service, though we just do not have a need for dry cleaning services very often. We will certainly consider you when our next need arises.
Thank you again and have a wonderful week. Sincerely, Sue Nelson 03-21-2011
The service was good. We dont dry clean very often, but next time we do we will use your services. regards. Corey Remlinger 03-21-2011
Dear Yury,
Thank you for inquiring, I have always had excellent service from you and
will be using your company again, when I store my winter clothes.
Sincerely, Pamela Johnson 03-21-2011

The quality of the dry cleaning was great. The prices are quite a bit higher than I am used to paying. The laundry shirts I pay 1.99 for and dry cleaning pants or trousers 4.79. 

Thank you. Mary Jo Sirek 02/02/2011

I thought your pick up service is excellent! I was very satisfied w/ the quality of the cleaning as well. 
I will continue to use your services. We don’t do dry cleaning often, but when we do, I will use your services. I will get the payment out to you.
Christine McGahn 02/02/2011
Service was excellent as usual. I’ll get payment sent right off. 
Thanks Dave Brink 02/02/2011
Happy Holidays to you and your family and your business family. 
Thank you for your great service. 
Rob and Diane Stewart.  12/19/2010
Thanks Yuri! LOVE the pick up & delivery service. 
Without it I'd never have time to any of my dry cleaning done. 
Have a wonderful holiday season!
Cindy Ball. 12/03/2010
Dear Yury, 
I have been very pleased with your service and have actually 
recommended it to someone who I work with. Thank you for making 
it so easy for me. 
Gina Hoveland. 12/03/2010 

Service was terrific and the pickup and drop off were great.  Thanks again. 

Andy Manthei. 11/23/2010

Hi Yury. 
I was very pleased with your service. Thank you especially for picking up my clothes on the weekend so that I would have them on time. 
Regards. Mike Rosenberg 10/17/2010

Yes we are quite satisfied with the quality of the cleaning - especially the Tommy Bahama Shirts. The collars are being done perfectly which is why we switched to your firm. 

I try to always button the top button to remind you that I like a normal collar and not a "camp-style" collar. So again, everything seems to be going just fine! 

Thank you for checking! Have a nice Labor Day week-end!
Regards, Bill Velin 09/03/2010

Thanks for the heads up on Labor Day and the one day delay- that was helpful.   So far everything has been very efficient and well-done.  We've even had a situation that required a second visit in the same day, but was done with a smile.  Keep up the good work!
Mike Payson 09/02/2010

I LOVE the pick up and delivery service!  It is so convenient and the quality is great! 

Thank You. Cindy Ball. 09/01/2010


Thank you very much my clothes looked very nice and the driver who picked up my dry cleaning was very friendly. 
If I hadn’t had the Groupon I never would have found you. For that I am thankful. 

I am A very happy customer. I recommended you to 2 other people.
Thanks Again, Pamela K. Johnson.  06/02/2010

Thank you! Your services were wonderful! Andrea Hedtke. May 7, 2010
I was very pleased with your service. Thanks. Shelley Zucker.  May 7, 2010

Wonderful quality….very pleased.  Will promise to call you again.  I will be talking to our Buildings department to see if they are in the market to change their current company for uniforms etc to see if I can swing more business your way. Thank you! 

Carol Claugherty  04-02-2010

Cleaning was excellent and I appreciated the pickup and delivery service. 
I’ll call you later today and settle the bill. 
Sheila M.B. Loucks 03-08-2010

Dear Yury,
Thank you so much for personally picking up our order on Saturday . . . 
your service is outstanding!! I will be happy to recommend your company to others.
Thank you. Karen Shumaker  02-03-/2010


Yury, Happy New Year and thanks for your great service. 

Chris and Katie Hill   01-04-2010

The dry cleaning services are great as usual!  

Keith Trautman. 12-09-09.

Your company service is wonderful, thank you for the GREAT service

John Balogh 12/08/09 

Thanks, Yury!  The quality of cleaning was very good.  And I LOVE that you can pick-up and deliver my School uniforms.  That is a huge bonus for me. :)
Thanks again and I will contact you in the spring to clean the next set!
Gina Stutzman Toso
Rosemount High School Choral Department
I was very pleased with the quality of the service and was THRILLED to find a cleaner that will pick up the clothes at my house!  I've told several of my friends about your service, so hopefully you'll have some additional business coming your way.   
Thank you, Ranee 11/05/2009
Hello Yuri,
I wanted to say thank you for getting that icky oil stain out of my 
cords.  You are a magician.
Amy Revak 10-23-09

Love your service and will definitely be back soon!

Andrea B. Hedtke 08-01-09


As always the service was excellent.

David Brink 07-31-09

I really appreciate your great service!
Cindy Moll  07-27-09


Thanks for a wonderful service!

Tom Lenzmeier  07- 22- 2009

We are always happy with your service.  Thanks!
Susie Leeke 07-01-2009

We LOVE your service! The quality of the cleaning/pressing is great, and the customer service has exceeded our expectations. We’ll definitely recommend your company to our friends. 

Anna Schaber  06-05-2009  

Hi Yury - The clothes were great, as usual.
Marlann Patterson 06-04-2009

The quality is always top notch.  

Thanks again. Mike Savin 06-04-2009

We have been very pleased with the service, quality of cleaning and the reliability.  Thanks for asking, that in itself is good customer service.
Laurie Siders  06-01-2009

Thank you!

The quality and delivery of the cleaning were fantastic.  I really appreciate the pick up and delivery. 

Brenda Volpe  05-19-2009

Hi there,

I recently signed up and had my first order returned today.
I wanted to compliment you on how easy you made your service and how quickly you were able to get the bag to me and enable me to get my items picked up and returned.
I am very pleased with the condition of the items I had cleaned as well.

Thanks again!
Andrea Hedtke     03-24-2009
By the way, I LOVE your service. Home pickup is very convenient and you do a nice job.
Soren Erickson  03/02/09

Thanks for the heads-up!  See you Friday and thanks for your service. 

Chris Hill 12/17.2008


Reprinted from Customer's Survey:

Service and the results are great! Thanks for all your efforts. Thu, 12/11/08 8:45 AM 

The customer service is great! i love that your company had pick up and delivery services as well! keep it up Fri, 12/5/08 9:54 AM 

Your staff is wonderful, very pleasant and friendly. Excellent service. Fri, 12/5/08 9:05 AM 

There have been a couple instances were I did not receive my order back on Friday (drop off day). I think this might be due to an order drop off mix-up. You should strive to have all orders dropped off at the proper address on the drop off day. Thu, 12/4/08 9:08 PM 

No problems! Love it so far. Also like having the specials emailed to me. Wed, 12/3/08 12:23 PM 

No Problems so far. If delivering clothes in snowy or really bad weather is a problem, a phone call or e-mail explaining the situation would be totally ok as long as the clothes are eventually delivered. Thanks again. 


Everything was just great. Thank you for being so prompt and professional.

The Gillette samples were a very generous addition.

Thank you very much!   Meighan B



Dear Yury,
You have earned the opportunity to keep me as a customer. I'm the person whose shirt had the yellow mark you tried unsuccessfully to remove and accidentally ruined.
Thank you for how you handled this matter. It's a mark of your character that you stepped up with a credit in the amount of the shirt cost without me having to fight you for it.
Thank you. I will continue as a customer because of how you handled this.
Regards, Dale Van de Loo.



I use the Total Care Cleaners pick up and delivery service very regularly. They are always here when requested and the clothing is always back on the same day. 

I never have any problems with them, unlike other dry cleaning services that I've used in the past.                                                                                                   Michael P.

When a woman buys a nice piece of clothing it becomes very important to her that the dry cleaning service takes care of it as carefully as she does. After many years of searching, many lost and ruined articles of clothing I finally found what I was looking for! Somebody who cares about their customers, somebody who cares about the quality of their work! When you trust your wardrobe to “Total Care Cleaners” you can be sure that they will return it to you in the perfect condition and that nothing will be lost or ruined. Excellent service!!! Very convenient pick up and delivery schedule! You will not find a better service in town!                                                  Lilya G.                                                                                                                                                                 
Thank you for your wonderful delivery service. I simply love it. Your cleaning services have been impeccable. It’s hard to find a dry cleaner that takes pride in their work and good care of our clothes. Thanks so much!                                                  Jeanne Schwartz  
We love the pick-up service. Thank you!                                                   Kim Donohue
We love your service!! Fondly,                                                  Tony and Julie Goodman
Thanks for making us look so good. All year!             KC & Diane. Emerald Transportation

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